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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kristi & Ben – Trezzi Farm, Greenbluff, WA

I have often become friends with the people whose wedding I photograph, but Kristi and Ben’s wedding was unique; they are the first couple with whom I was friends before I shot their wedding.  We’ve celebrated New Year’s together and been to teach other’s houses and taken care of each other’s animals (though I don’t think Kristi wants me near her wiener dog anymore).  I suspect I would have been at this wedding whether or not I was photographing it.

That made this Kristi and Ben’s wedding especially fun.  It was fun to see my friends enjoying each other’s companionship and celebrating their love together.

The ceremony was at Trezzi Farm, a fairly new wedding venue that is also a winery, and where the owners cater some spectacular Italian food.  There are vineyards of various maturity, all green and leafy, with a beautiful green lawn and a field of wild grasses just beyond the fence–plenty of fine places for wedding portraits.  And the weather even cooperated, the day neither thunderstormy nor 100 degrees (unlike the previous week).  You can see a gallery of their wedding photographs here.

It’s always an honor to shoot someone’s wedding, but of course it was extra meaningful to be able to document the wedding day of my friends.  Congratulations Kristi and Ben!






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posted by Larry Brunt at 7:04 pm  

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  1. LOVED these so much! Photographer is outstanding! Really got the feeling of the whole event from the photos! So grateful to have seen them, as we missed out on being there. The wedding was stunning, classy and I love the whole vibe! Kristi was beautiful and I’ve never seen Ben look so happy! Wendy Gordon (Ben’s cousin)

    Comment by Wendy Gordon — July 28, 2012 @ 2:32 pm

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