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Monday, June 20, 2011

Emily & Mike – Glover Mansion, Spokane, WA

Emily and Mike were married at the Glover Mansion in Spokane, Washington, which is always one of my favorite places to shoot. Gorgeous hardwood floors. Rich wood paneling. Lots of architectural flourishes. And nifty overhead views besides.

I had photographed Emily and Mike’s engagement photographs, which is always nice, since it gives us the opportunity to work together before the wedding and get to know each other better. So when I saw them both getting ready for the first time, it was great to see them again.

The wedding itself had lots of personal touches, including a homily that told the story of their courtship. Apparently Mike knew right away the Emily was the one for him; it took Emily a bit more time than that. But since then they have become best friends, and it was fun to watch them engage with each other.

My favorite part of the day was sneaking away from some sunset pictures, with a view of Spokane and some good color in behind the clouds, and just the three of us (plus a few), very much like that first evening when we took the engagement pictures together, except, of course, with a little more excitement and joy.  A gallery of wedding photographs can be seen here.

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